Yoga at Harivihar

Yoga – Introduction

Yoga is a life of self-discipline based on the tenets of simple living and high thinking. Regular practice of yoga will help attain happiness and inner peace of mind.

Yoga is a complete life. It is a method which overhauls all aspects of human personality. Yoga does not require a turning away from life. It demands transformation and spiritualization of life. Yoga is primarily a way of life,it is not a creed. The practice of Yoga is not opposed to any religion. It is purely spiritual and universal and does not contradict an individual’s personal faith. On the other hand, it is an aid to the practice of the basic spiritual truth in all religions. Harivihar ayurvedic resort offers basic and advanced yoga packages for its guests.

The practice of yoga is based on the five cardinal principles of proper breathing, proper exercise, proper relaxation, proper diet and positive thinking.

Proper breathing – Pranayama; when tapped through yogic breathing techniques, the tremendous potential energy in the body is released for physical and mental rejuvenation.

Proper exercise – Asana; Asanas are a complete form of exercise which overhauls the entire system of the human body. The Asanas not only produce physical benefits, but they are also mental exercises in concentration and meditation.

Proper relaxation – Savasana; Relaxation-mental, physical and spiritual – is Nature’s way of recharging the system.

Proper diet -Ahara; The yogic diet consists of purely vegetarian, simple, natural foods that promote healthy constitution; have the least negative impact on the environment and cause the least pain to other beings.

Proper thinking – Dhyana and Vedanta; Vedanta teaches the unity of all existence. You can realize this by yourself through the practice of deep meditation.

Clinical application of Yoga

Yoga has been proved to be effective and safe in a variety of conditions of which few are mentioned below. The nature of yoga exercises will vary depending on the individual and his specific problem. The various clinical problems where yoga might be effective are

1) Stress

2) Insomnia

3) Hypertension

4) Cardiac problems

5) Diabetes mellitus

6) Asthma

7) Back pain

8) Obesity

Yoga at Harivihar

Harivihar offers basic and advanced training of yoga. The training is done by established yoga teachers with vast experience in this field. The yoga master is Yogacharya Sri Gopalakrishnan of Sivananda school of Yoga, which is widely acclaimed as one of the prominent Yoga institutes in the world. The systems and methods of conducting the sessions are based on the basic principles propagated by Swami Sivanada.

Yogacharya Gopalakrishnan is a highly-respected personality who has been tirelessly working for the cause of yoga for the last 35 years. He is an internationally affiliated teacher with the Sivananda Yogasram. He is a disciple of His Holiness Swami Sivanada (Devine life society Rishikesh,Himalayas) and is specially trained in Yoga therapy for specific problems like diabetes, stress, backpain etc.

Harivihar Foundation Course in Yoga (7 days)
Orientation Session
Introduction to the practice of Yoga
Basic Yogic postures
Basic breathing techniques
Meditation – Japa Yoga & Mantra
Prescribed diet : Pure vegetarian
Duration of each session : 60-90 minutes
Dress code : Loose cotton
Harivihar Advanced Yoga course(7-14 days)
Orientation to yoga
Basic & Advanced yoga postures including Sirsasna(Head stand) and Sarvangasana (shoulder stand)
Basic & Advanced Meditation Techniques
Kriyas – Cleansing techniques to purify the physical body
Meditation – Japa Yoga & Mantra
Prescribed diet : Pure vegetarian
Duration of each session : 60-90 minutes
Dress code : Loose cotton

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