What we eat and drink plays an important role in our well-being. It is not only what we eat, but the way we eat, the surroundings in which we eat, the internal condition during the time of consumption and even the attitude of the person who prepares the food are significant. According to Ayurveda incorrect food habits is the main physical causative factor of diseases

There is no standard diet for everyone, or any minimum daily requirements. Its concern is that the food we take in and the way we take it, are in harmony with our individual body constitution and that it should be adjustable for seasonal variations as well as for various stages of an individual’s life. ‘We are what we eat’ holds a lot of truth here…

Harivihar ayurveda resort

is committed to Ayurveda wellness and hence the cuisine is in tune with the Ayurveda philosophy.The emphasis is on vegetarian food and we do not serve eggs, fish or meat. Likewise alcoholic beverages are avoided and smoking is discouraged.

Harivihar offers a well-crafted menu that borrows heavily from local cuisine,but with influences from various other states of India as well as from the West. The cuisine is delicately spiced and flavoured and at the same time they are delicious, nourishing and light. Guests have the opportunity to freely interact with our cook in the kitchen and learn from him.

The Rice Menu at Harivihar