Harivihar -Tuk Tuk sightseeing trip of Calicut.

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tuk tuck calicut autoriksha tourAfter breakfast from Harivihar, get into a tuk tuk (3 wheeler) of one of our friendly drivers for a 4-5 hour memorable sightseeing trip of Calicut.

From Harivihar, the tuk tuk shall first drive you to the Feroke Commonwealth tile factory. The common wealth tile factory was initially set up by the Basel mission in the 18th century for making clay tiles. Subsequently, it was taken over by the Common wealth trust. The heritage tile factory and its environs are sure to give you nostalgia of the olden times. Permission is needed to visit the tile factory and it is customary to tip the attendant who accompanies you for the tile factory visit.

tile factory calicut

beypore uru launchingSubsequently, travel to the nearby janghar boat service for a transport down Chaliyar River to Beypore. Here the attractions include the Beypore Uru making center, the pier and the fish landing harbor. You would first visit the pier where you can walk for a considerable distance and if lucky, could spot the dolphins at sea. The fish landing harbor is a scene of frantic activity, especially in the morning hours .Watch the fishermen transport the fresh catch from their sailing dinghies to the lorries.


Next, visit the Beypore Uru making center(Sundays closed).Beypore has a 1400 year old tradition of wooden ship building by master carpenters. The construction is done under the supervision of maistrys or master carpenters who have no formal drawings. It is fascinating to watch them build the wooden ship without any modern technological help. It is customary to tip the attendant who explains you the details.

kuttichira mosqueSubsequently, proceed to Kuttichira, which is the old part of Calicut city. Here, first visit Mishakal mosque, built in the 13th century by a wealthy Omani trader, on a land gifted to him by the Zamorins. This mosque has a unique architectural style which is not seen anywhere else in the world. From here proceed to visit the Juma Masjid and Kuttichira environs. Kuttichira is inhabited by Muslim community who still follow the matriarchal system and you pass through narrow lanes lined on both sides by old huge houses, where generations of families live under one roof. Epitomising this is the Kaattil veedu, a tharavad with a history that goes back 400 years. It is one of the oldest Muslim ancestral houses in Malabar and, with more than 100 members living under one roof, the largest.

Next you proceed to the Spice market popularly known as Valiangadi. It is one of the oldest markets in Kerala where the Chinese ,the Arabs and later the Europeans led by the Portugese had fought for control of the spice trade. Even today, the spice market is a scene of frantic commercial activity with porters jostling with one another to transport merchandise from the lorries to the shops and vice versa. Stroll through the small by-lanes to the Copra bazaar, where coprah, the raw material to make coconut oil is traded. The pepper garbling yard is in a nearby lane.

A short distance away is the Mother of God cathedral built in the 14th century by the Portugese on land gifted by the Zamorin. It is said that Italian architects were brought to Kozhikode to design the church. This ancient shrine is a tribute to Italian know-how and the skill of Indian craftsmen.

The adjoining cemetery holds old grave stones, some well preserved, like that of the first Catholic missionary of Kozhikode, Rev Perdo de Covilhany who arrived here on May 20, 1498.

Now it is time for lunch. We would recommend two options: The Bombay Restaurant, a heritage Muslim restaurant which serves delicious biryanis. And the other option is Paragon Restaurant, where the specialty is sea food. After lunch, return to Harivihar for a siesta!

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