Thiruvathirakali is a group dance performed by the ladies on the auspicious day of Thiruvathira,the birth day of Lord Shiva, in the Malayalam month of Dhanu(December-January). The purpose of the dance is to attain everlasting marital bliss and for the longevity of the spouse.The dance celebrates female energy (shakthi) which brought back to life Kamadeva from the wrath of Lord Shiva. The dance is performed around a lit lamp with the ladies making slow sinuous movements along with clapping their hands and singing ,giving it an amorous aura.
Thiruvathirakali performance kerala
Thiruvathirakali dates back to the Thretha yuga ,when according to mythology, a young Brahmin lady who was an ardent worshipper of Goddess Parvathy(wife of Lord Shiva) was widowed soon after marriage.Her laments reached Kailasam ,the abode of Shiva.Parvathy requested Shiva to restore her husbands life .After lot of coercions from Parvathy`s side Shiva obliged and restored the young ladies husband back to life.Till today ,ladies young and old dance Thiruvathira kali to give their husbands longevity and their marriage everlasting happiness.

Harivihar heritage homestead is committed to preserving the traditional arts of Kerala and we have a team of dancers from the neighbourhood who practice Thiruvathira Kali in our gardens ,on the Thiruvathira day of each month.Led by Ms Beena ,the group consists of Ms Vinitha Kumari,Ms Mini,Ms Preethi,Ms Remani,Ms Komalam and Ms Rejitha.

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