Pulluvan pattu at Harivihar

Pulluvan pattu is a mystical artform once prevelant in many parts of Kerala.Pulluvan pattu is basically a form of snake worship done either in temples or houses.The Pulluvan and his spouse the Pulluvathi,perform this song to the accompaniment of the Pulluvan veena and kudam.The songs are meant as an appeasement to the snake gods. Legends trace the origin of this art to the Mahabharatha days ,when a little girl was ostricised from her house for giving protection to a snake.Later on this evolved into a form of serpent appeasement .Hindus worship the serpents and any curse of the serpents is bound to have deleterious effects on the future generations.

The pulluvan plays the veena made of bamboo and metal strings and sings the song while the pulluvathy accompanies along with the kutam ,usually made of earthen ware and calf skin. In temples ,the pulluvan pattu is enacted in front of large kalams ,which are intricate geometrical designs drawn using turmeric and other natural colouring agents. In houses,pulluvan pattu is generally done to get rid of evil curses ,serpent curses ,to avoid misfortunes and to attain prosperity.

Now ,a dying art form,with the new generation showing little or no interest ,Pulluvan pattu needs to be revived and revered for the future generations.Harivihar heritage homestead has started doing its little bit for the preservation of this dying art.Each month ,during the day of Ayilyam (which is the day of snakes according to the Malayalam calendar),Harivihar conducts pulluvan pattu in its premises.

Mr Sivan and Remani,an octogenarian couple staying in the outskirts of Calicut , come to Harivihar to perform the Pulluvan pattu on the Ayilyam day of each month. To see their performance by clicking the below video.

The pulluvan pattu calendar for 2017 at Harivihar

May 31,2017

June 27,2017

July 24th,2017

August 21st ,2017

September 17th,2017

October 14th,2017

November 11th,2017

December 8th,2017.

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