Ayurveda Treatment for Obesity

The modern day lifestyle of abundance of food coupled with sedentary screen glued automated routine has resulted in a sequence of diseases termed as Lifestyle Disorders or Non Communicable Diseases of which obesity stands out as one of the most evident one. Obesity is termed as Sthoulya and Atisthoulya in Ayurveda and is a category of Medoroga (disease of the lipid components of the body). WHO standards for Obesity diagnosis is BMI (Body Mass Index) above 30. BMI of 25-29.9 says the person is overweight.


Specialty of Obesity Management at Harivihar Heritage Homestead

Obesity management is done through a comprehensive integrated approach of a detailed analysis of the causative factor, elimination or mitigation of the cause and managing the condition sustainably through judicious combination of Ayurveda medicines, Ayurveda Panchakarma therapies, Ayurveda diet, exercise, yoga, meditation and counselling. Allopathic intervention wherever required is incorporated. Ayurveda treatment for obesity in Kerala at Harivihar Heritage Homestead is under the stringent supervision of the experienced doctors of Sakalya Ayurveda.

Obesity Causes

Obesity or unhealthy weight gain or overweight is the consequence of excessive storage of fat or adipose tissue in the body. The reason may be metabolic, hormonal, behavioural, environmental, cultural, medications that include psychotic drugs, estrogens, corticosteroids and insulin or mismatching food intake-energy spend ratio. Obesity can lead to grave health conditions like heart disease, liver damage, diabetes, arthritis and kidney problems.

Obesity Markers and Symptoms

Ayurveda Obesity Treatment at Harivihar

The obesity management protocol is established after a trial of many years by the doctors of Sakalya Ayurveda. The stages are

  1. Evaluation of the patient
  2. Detailed discussion with the patient and family
  3. Prescribing and analysing laboratory and imaging services if required
  4. Determining the cause of obesity and preparing a Care Plan
  5. Stage wise Ayurveda internal medications for digestive correction, destabilization of toxins, detoxification, elimination of toxins and metabolic cum hormonal correction
  6. Ayurveda external therapies for fat reduction, body toning and damage control of bones, joints, muscles etc.
  7. Lifestyle modification counselling
  8. Healthy patient friendly sustainable Ayurveda principled diet plan
  9. Therapeutic clinical Yoga and meditation
  10. Progressive practice of physical exercise and endurance enhancement with a customized patient centric exercise plan

Ayurveda External Therapy for Obesity

Yoga for Obesity

Suryanamaskara, Dhanurasana, Bhujangasana, Shalabasana, Padahastasana, Pavanamuktasana, Trikonasana and Vakrasana are a few simple obesity regulating Yoga postures. Pranayama is also good.

Suggestions for Healthy Weight

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